We have lots of activities for your family or a small to large group to enjoy around the farm.  It's a great place for a youth retreat, family road trip, corporate event, school field trip, or even a family reunion.  Be ready for a day full of fun and check out all the activities we have for you!


You asked for a wagon ride and you got it!  This is a destination wagon ride and an opportunity to experience a new addition to our farm.  You are welcome to just take a roundtrip wagon ride or can exit at the stop and set off on a new adventure.  This year we are planting 12 varieties of sunflowers which should be available for all weekends we are open.  You can take family photos, pick your own sunflowers, and enjoy lots more family fun activities at Roberts Farms.    

Restroom facilities and light refreshments are available.  A tent with picnic table seating is also available at the facility.

When you are ready to return to the home farm, catch the next wagon ride back at your leisure.

Note:  Our wagons do not have any hay on them and have bench style wood seating.  A canopy is also located above each wagon ride.  Cost of ride is $2/person and ages 2 and under is free.


Here is a picture of all the colors of sunflowers you will be seeing in the patch!


Get lost in our 4 acre corn maze.  Explore the maze to find questions about trivia or to find some lost animals.  Makes for a great challenge for clubs and youth groups to explore!  The maze is safe for young children as it is not haunted.

Here are some actions shots of preparing one of our corn mazes.  Notice the corn rows are planted N&S and E&W.  We use GPS to layout the maze like a big connect the dots picture.  Then after the corn grows, we use a lawnmower to cut out the corn paths.  It takes several times to mow down the paths and then we are finally able to take a picture to share.



Have your family come out to pick out your favorite pumpkin from the pumpkin patch.  Pumpkins are available for self serve or you can pick your own.  Over 20 different varaties, colors (orange, white, green, blue), and shapes ranging from palm size to over 30 pounds.  If you are looking for big pumpkins, we planted several varieties that get up to 40-65 pounds!  We also have pie pumpkins that you can eat! 

Our pumpkin plants are currently growing in the field and it's a neat sight to see all the different shapes, colors, and size of the different varaties.  Here we are planting the seeds, cultivating to rows to help keep down the weed pressure, and just enjoying the patch.   We offer pumpkins that are already picked or you are welcome to pick your own out in the pumpkin patch.


Jump into the sandbox or climb on our 3 tower playground and swing set. 

A great place for those little ones to have some fun!


Their are lots of farm animals you come out and visit and even have the chance to pet.  See the calves, pigs, lambs, goats, and many other animals at the farm.



We also have some fun fall games around the farm like pumpkin bowling, pumpkin toss, pumpkin checkers, corn hole, and some other family activities. 


Be sure to stop by our refreshment stand to grab a sandwich, some fresh doughnuts, hot apple cider, hot chocolate, pop or water, popcorn, hot dog, apple dumplings, apple cider slushie, ice cream, carmel corn and so much more!


Fall Decor items are for sale including Indian corn, corn stalks, straw bales, and gourds.  We also have farm crafts for sale to help you decorate for the season!

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